Selkirk Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme

The Selkirk CARS project is focused on a range of heritage and conservation-based regeneration activities. Funding was successfully obtained from Historic Scotland for a heritage-led regeneration project for the town centre with match-funding from the local authority. The scheme will offer grants towards repair works to traditional buildings as well as supporting complementary initiatives, such as Community Heritage Projects and Traditional Skills Training, to increase awareness and understanding of the town's rich heritage.

As part of this scheme, Oliver Chapman Architects were commissioned to create a report into under-utilised sites and opportunities for regeneration within the town centre. Through a careful study and analysis of the area and its development throughout history, several key sites and environments were identified as being in particular need of regeneration and improvement. Ideas for these sites were then discussed in collaboration with members of the local community, alongside the Selkirk CARS Steering group, the Selkirk Regeneration Company, and Scottish Borders Council.