Ramp House, Bellfield Land, Portobello

Oliver Chapman Architects assisted with the client’s own practice, Chambers McMillan, with technical services.

This £247,000 barrier free accessible home was designed to meet the needs of the clients’ daughter. The house includes a ramp for eight year old Greta who is a wheelchair user, and its 145m² are built on a tight site along a small piece of land in Portobello near Edinburgh. It was crucial to enable the family to remain living in the supportive community where Greta was born, and the house’s design lets her play just like any other eight-year old.

The inclusion of a ramp rather than a lift allows an enhanced experience of three dimensional space. Movement between levels offers an important connection to understanding and development. The house has interconnecting spaces in plan and in section to enable visual and aural connections between many of the spaces. 

Photos:     David Barbour

Scottish Design Awards 2013 Residential Category Winner | Scottish Design Awards 2013 Chairman’s Award for Architecture | Edinburgh Architectural Association Award 2013