Murrayfield Road, House Extension

This significant extension to a large Victorian house in West Edinburgh makes use of a little used drying courtyard to the rear of the property.

The floor plan itself is very simple, but is constrained on all sides by the existing house and outbuildings. A study space enables rear access into the property and connects the existing kitchen to a new living dining room. Internally, the existing outer stone wall is exposed along the length of the extension, which opens into the large double-pitched volume of the main Living area.

The sectional relationship of the extension to it’s existing context is determined by the requirement to provide light and also prevent overlooking from the neighbouring golf club. A wide zinc lined hidden gutter abutting the existing building forms a timber lined recess beneath.

Careful detailing of the finishes highlights the contrast between the warmth of the timber and simplicity of the plastered walls.

The lighting has been designed to highlight the expression of certain materials; cold cathode lights emphasise the planar element of the sloping ceiling while pendant lighting over the joinery unit create an atmosphere of intimacy