Greater Nodia IT Campus

This competition proposal considered how a new a campus specialising in IT, at the forefront of India’s developing economy could be formed outside New Delhi. The brief included extensive IT training facilities, accommodation, a hotel, and associated retail and health facilities. 

The location and sheer scale of this proposal demanded that it be considered in landscape terms. A unifying intervention was required to stitch together an existing 100,000m2 of IT training and office space located in a cluster of 6 towers. 

Our fabricated ‘cloud’ hovers above the existing offices structures and acts an expansive parasol for the bustling campus below. The shaded groundscape is then refashioned and extensively planted as an informal Botanical Garden (peppered with exotic species) and creates a myriad of meaningful places for casual encounters between colleagues to discuss and develop ideas outside the confines of the office. Bridges and walkways are formed between towers, and are programme with retail and health uses 

The ‘cloud’ is lifted up on two towers of IT offices which combine with new auditoria to stitch into the existing matrix of offices. Users have the option of accessing the ‘cloud’ directly (via banks of lifts) or embark on a myriad of perambulatory routes which thread through the gardens and towers. The ‘cloud’ comprises three different levels and is punctured by expansive open courtyards fringed by covered walkways.Accommodation comprises serviced apartments and hotels to exploit the distant views across the flood plain and facilitating an environmental cooling and ventilation strategy . 

The resulting fine ‘grain’ of spaces emphasises the sociability and conviviality of aspects of vernacular Indian Architecture as an alternative to the formality and hermetically sealed nature of many recent western inspired developments in this region.