Gayfield Square Housing, Edinburgh

This site currently comprises a series of single storey structures that were former garages and now used as an art gallery. The character of the street is neither grand tenement nor modest mews but sits most comfortably with the townhouse typology. Proposals are for a mixed-use development comprising three town houses, one 3-storey apartment and a commercial unit (to accommodate the existing art gallery). 

Our proposals have been carefully considered to include references to Georgian precedents such as setback, raised ground floor, feu pattern and stone facade. However, rather than succumbing to pastiche, our proposal is resolutely modern in both conception and appearance. 

The street façade is ordered by the repetition of solid and void elements which are stepped to express both the impression of mass as well the desire for greater daylight for the top floor living areas.The special condition of the end house turns the oblique angled corner into a small back lane. A two storey recessed pocket in it’s stone elevation allows it’s living room to have a privileged raised view past a small terrace towards the trees in the square. A limited amount of parking is in the base of the building, using the natural slope of the street to conceal it from the street 

Planning consent was granted for these new town houses within Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site.