Bridge of Allan, House Extension

Oliver Chapman Architects were commissioned to design a new garden room for a Victorian semi-detached house in Bridge of Allan. 

The original house had a tall blank gable facing the garden which restricted views out from the kitchen; however, a new enlarged opening through this wall now leads to a space entirely different from those in the original stone-built house. 

The weight of the garden room’s roof is diverted away from the corners allowing full height glazing to wrap round each corner and offer expansive views of the garden.

The external appearance of the extension is as considered as the space inside. The junction between the roof and the wall has been blurred by wrapping the eaves with zinc and concealing the gutter so that it does not project beyond the face of the wall. This all adds to the impression of the roof as a lightweight zinc ‘hat’ floating on top of white rendered walls. The square footprint and pyramidal roof make the extension appear more like a garden pavilion than an annex to the main house.



Shortlisted for an EAA Award 2008
Architects’ Journal Small Projects Award Shortlist 2008