Bord Gais Network Headquarters, Dublin

The practice was shortlisted in an international two-stage design competition orgainised by the Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland for a green-field site at Finglas, Dublin.

Eight selected architects from Germany, Holland, UK and Ireland were invited to develop their 1st Stage submissions for a formal technical review by the Assessors.

Working collaboratively with Arup (Scotland) and Hardies, we presented a comprehensive proposal which eschewed any temptation to create yet another iconic building. 

Instead, the bulk of the client’s needs were accommodated in a simple single-storey building which occupied the entire site and could meet the required £14 million budget. This ground hugging form was peppered with a series of intimate courtyard spaces which facilitated natural ventialtion and daylight

“The scheme offered the possibility of a discreet and appropriate working environment in conjunction with an attractive sequence of open spaces. The entry scored high from a sustainability point of view.”

Assessors’ Report